Digital Commercial, Digital Campaign
July 21, 2021

Nike - ACG

When we get the chance to weigh in creatively, we push the boundaries as far as possible.
Active Brian Sporting the ACG top and jacket - Image Matt Bouch

It goes without saying that sometimes a retail ad is simply a push for sales. Accepting those terms too early can let an awesome opportunity slip through your fingers. Nike was looking for a high-end photoshoot of someone drenched in nature looking all 'cool'.

"Nike was looking for a high-end photoshoot... but we had other plans."

We, however, had different plans and produced a spoof Survival Guide to keep your ACG gear clean. The series is set in an urban park and shows our talent exploring all the outdoor wonders the city has to offer.

ACG Tech close-up for social - Image Matt Bouch

Thanks to Nike trusting our vision, we reframed the brief to produce something fun and weird; something relevant to their audience.

  • Crew smaller than 5 people.
  • Four videos for Instagram.
  • One Hero video for instore
  • 20 Stills for Retail Store.
  • Timeline 2 weeks.