Short Documentary, Branded Content
October 20, 2021

Everybody Talks

Join Tshepang Ramoba as he journeys through a mental and physical state of drumming. With this film, we focused on the flow of playing to capture the process of making music without producing a music video.
Tshepang busy setting up in the big room studio in Johannesburg - Image by Pano Roller

Everybody Talks was born out of a desire to reframe how creative briefs are tackled. Instead of supplying our co-creators with a clear brief, we took an organic approach and left the brief open to interpretation. From the motif to the craft, the collaboration resulted in something unusually spectacular.

“We thrive when we get to collaborate with like-minded individuals.”
Exhausted after our first take. - Pano Roller

This was a love/passion project and with it came constraints. We had to shoot in a modular fashion, which meant long hours and no pay. All our technical shots were covered on the first day in the big room studio. The other days were set aside to capture the story, instead of getting the perfect shot. Everybody Talks was a massive team effort. We approached various makers amongst our friends and industry acquaintances who helped with crafting the elements. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

  • Crew smaller than 15 people.
  • Mediums used 35mm film , Cinema Camera, 8mm films.
  • Timeline took 4 Months to complete.
  • One Hero video for Youtube.
  • x3 Teaser Content for Instagram.
  • x10 Stills for Social.